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Catalan Culture has contributed important figures to almost all manifestations of culture - arts and humanities - as well as to scientific research.

The geographical location of Catalonia and the territories in which the Catalan language and culture are based, made it a gateway for the entry to this area of new trends in European art and currents of thought.  Barcelona, as an important capital city, has played a significant role in supporting Catalan culture and science both within and beyond the borders of Catalonia.

Galatea de les esferes, de Salvador Dalí Ferran Adrià Castellers
Josep Pla
Amor Diesel, de Sol Picó
Sant Jordi
La Fura dels Baus Còmic
Ictineo II,  de Narcís Monturiol
Maria del Mar Bonet Cobi, de Javier Mariscal Jordi Savall

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