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GeoGraphia: Literary Landscapes - A journey through contemporary German and Catalan literature


GeoGraphia: Literary Landscapes is a programme jointly organised by the Institut Ramon Llull, the Goethe-Institut and in collaboration with the Institució de les Lletres Catalanes to coincide with the presence of Catalan culture as Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2007.

<em>GeoGraphia: Literary Landscapes</em>

GeoGraphia: Literary Landscapes.

It is a joint initiative by the Institut Ramon Llull, the Goethe-Institut and to boost knowledge of Catalan and German literature in each other's countries through an interchange of authors.

Three pairs, each made up of one German and one Catalan writer, will share their experiences on a journey through their respective countries. Acting at the same time as host and guest, native and foreigner, this journey there and back seeks to reveal the ego and the other and their roots, their common culture. During the journey, the writers will appear before audiences in a number of cities in Germany and Austria (at the Literaturhäuser) and in Catalonia, Valencia and Mallorca. The project will be presented at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October 2007.

The project aims to help stimulate mutual knowledge of Catalan and German literature; promote the interchange of Catalan and German writers as a contribution to their individual creative work and point up the links there are between the two literatures with a view to developing a tool for mutual understanding and evince the shared heritage of European cultures.

The participating writers are:
Katja Lange-Müller - Enric Sòria
Keto von Waberer - Carme Riera
Michael Ebmeyer - Jordí Puntí

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