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Gala at schauspielfrankfurt: A trip through the history of Catalan Culture

Frankfurt, 09th Oct. 2007. With a cultural aperitif the Guest of Honour Catalan Culture starts its presentation at the book fair in Frankfurt 2007. Following the official opening of the book fair the catalan artits, musicians and authors guide through 800 years of catalan history and culture at schauspielfrankfurt.


From Homilies d’Organyà, the first text in catalan language, till today, the evening before the start of the fair 400 invited guests at schauspielfrankfurt experience a walk through the decades of Catalan culture. One of the most dynamic and innovative cultures in today’s Europe, Quim Monzó, one of the most translated Catalan writer’s, is convinced. “Even though the political avatars have not given us much cause for joy, Catalan literature is clearly one of the cornerstones of European culture”, said Monzó in his inaugural speech at the book fair 2007 in Frankfurt.

To these cornerstones the Catalan language belongs with all its particularities. The language takes centre stage within all presentations of the Guest of Honour. On readings and discussions, at the theatre or in the music, in visual arts or the architecture – the communication in Catalan language echoes in all creations and tells its own history. “Catalan is our country’s own specific language, that co-exists, without any conflict other than that which certain people artificially and futilely seek to create, with Spanish, which is also a heritage asset of Catalan society”, describes José Montilla, president of the government of Catalonia.

During the gala at schauspielfrankfurt this heritage asset will be presented. From the incipiencies to today, the guests will get an impression of the evolution and diversity of the Catalan Culture. The gala is the start of a scenic puzzle, when on piece fits harmonious to the next and at the end of the book fair 2007 in Frankfurt a remarkable picture of the Catalan Culture will stay in the minds of the visitors.

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