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Catalan culture at the book fair: Unique and universal

Frankfurt, October 11th - This Saturday the International Frankfurt Book Fair will be opened for interested visitors. The Catalan Culture is Guest of Honour for this year. The visitors are provided with the opportunity to meet both language and culture which are still less known in Europe. The agenda at the Book Fair is enriched with numerous readings, events and exhibitions.


The Visitors receive a first impression of abundance of Catalan culture at the second level of the forum of the Book Fair: More than 1,000 books from 27 countries tell various views. Comfortable chairs invite there to browse one of those books. At the inner circle of the exhibition several showcases give a brief explanation of Catalan language and culture from the early beginning in the 14th century, the golden age during the late medieval times, the oppression during the Franco-regime till this day. From the balcony of the forum the Catalan author and artist presents his video-installation “Paraula” which means “word”. The installation symbolise language that us breathed.

At the auditorium of the forum a lot of readings and discussion with famous Catalan men of letters take place. For example on Sunday: German experts consider the Catalan culture and one hour later Catalan expert do the same with the German culture. At hall 3 comic-enthusiasts get one’s money worth. On Saturday the will be the paper chase “Talking ‘bout”. The first prize is a trip to the comic fair in Barcelona. Also many signed comics of authors and illustrators are to gain. At the central plaza of the International Frankfurt Book Fair, called Agora, are plenty of market stall with Catalan arts and crafts, clothing and gastronomic specialties to find– time for social loafing. At late Saturday and Sunday midday the famous human towers called “Castellers” can be seen at the Agora. The grow up to ten men high.

In addition to the Catalan publishers in hall 5.1 “Catalunya Ràdio” and the regional TV3 can be watched performing. The visitors are allowed to take a look behind the scenes and watch TV and radio working. At the auditorium in the same hall also readings and discussion take place to give the visitors more information about translated Catalan authors, language and culture or more about the eroticism of the island Mallorca. Have fun - Que es diverteixin!

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