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The Balearic Islands and Andorra attend the Frankfurt Executive Committee meeting

(EFE).- The head of Section of the Institut d'estudis baleàrics, Antoni Planas, and the director for Culture of the government of Andorra, Cristina Martí, attended a meeting of the Frankfurt 2007 Executive Committee this morning for the first time. The meeting was held at the ministry of Culture of the Catalan government and was presided by its minister for Culture, Ferran Mascarell. According to the Catalan government, there were two main items on the agenda: an appraisal of the programme for the participation of Catalan culture as guest of honour at the 2007 Frankfurt Book Fair, and the presentation of the progress report and committee task plan.

St Miquel d'Engolasters

St Miquel d'Engolasters.

This committee was set up by the Generalitat de Catalunya (the government of Catalonia) on 16 May to be responsible for coordinating the various bodies participating in the organisation of events through which to present Catalanculture at the Frankfurt Book fair next year.

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