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A Catalan journey diary of Günther Grass

From today the Literaturhaus Frankfurt exposes drawings of different Catalan landscapes, painted by the german author Günter Grass. He composed them during his time at Embordà as a homage to Catalonia.



The Nobel laureate in literature and Catalan enthusiast Günter Grass lets pictures talk. During the book fair in Frankfurt lithographs of the german author will be presented in the Literaturhaus. They developed in march 2004, when Günter Grass spent his time in the region of Embordà. "It is an assortment of very personal memories to a journey, that Günter Grass put down on papier", describes Josep Bargalló, director of Institut Ramon Llull. In his drawings the viewer finds special scenic images of Catalonia from the church of Madremanya over the port village of Cadaqués to the wild formations at the nature park of Cap de Creus. Grass himself proposed this support for the Guest of Honour presentation to show his closeness to the dialoque between the writers in different languages and the Catalan authors, Josep Bargolló explaines.

Date: 07/10/10 - 07/10/14
Time: Tue, Thu, Sun 12 am. to 6 pm.
Wed 12 am. to 8 pm.
Monday closed
Location: Literaturhaus, Schöne Aussicht 2
Price: Free

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