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Days for professional visitors successful for Catalan publishers

Frankfurt, October 12th – The days for professional visitors on the book fair 2007 in Frankfurt were successful for the Catalan publishers. Based on the presentation as the Guest of Honour more professionals caught up on the Catalan publishing industry than the years before.


The presentation of the Catalan Culture on the book fair 2007 in Frankfurt begins to become a success. The interest in the offers of Catalan publishers grew in the first two day of the fair in comparison to previous years. “The halls on the fair are too big to give an exactly number of visitors. But all our events are well attended”, Anna Soler-Pont, intendant of the Catalan events on the fair, is glad.

Also the association of publishers appears positive about the results. “It is not only about sales figures or the conclusion of contracts. It concerns as well the attention on and respect of what we do and who we are”, describes Antoni Comas Planas, president of the Catalan association of publishers. “In these days the world discovers the Catalan language in the literature – and its exceptionality.”

On Saturday, these highlights can be visited by everybody when the fair opens its gates not only for professional visitors. Then also the presentation of new publications in translations takes place every day between 3 pm. and 4.30 pm., where books of Catalan authors will be introduced multimedia-based every ten minutes.

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