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Josep Bargalló
Josep Bargalló
Catalan Culture Singular i Universal

The Frankfurt Book Fair expects a dynamical and innovative culture

"Singular i Universal - Unique and Universal" - Catalan Culture uses this motto to present itself as guest of honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2007. The organizers of the appearance introduce the program and the authors of the Catalonian delegation of artists at press conference in Frankfurt today.

Lluís Pagès, Antoni Comas, Josep Bargalló, <br>Imma Monsó, Juergen Boos, Anna Soler-Pont.

Lluís Pagès, Antoni Comas, Josep Bargalló,
Imma Monsó, Juergen Boos, Anna Soler-Pont..

"Catalan culture is influenced by the Mediterranean, extending over boundaries, it is unique and open: A mirror for the new construction of Europe", Josep Bargalló, Director of the Institut Ramon Llull (IRL), which is the leading organiser of the Guest of Honour presentation, sketched this image during the press conference and stressed that "Catalan culture defines itself by its tradition and creativity, together with a constant dialogue". The organisers hope that this presentation will illustrate the significant role of the Catalan culture industry, will support the translation of works of literature into other languages, will achieve international recognition of Catalan culture and will increase its popularity.

Juergen Boos, Director of the Frankfurt Book Fair is convinced of the necessity of coming to terms with the topic of identity, and its expression through language and literature, and of making cultural diversity available for people to experience. "Catalan culture will use its presentation at the Frankfurt Book Fair" to underline the reasons why this counts as one of the most dynamic and innovative cultural areas in Europe, even in the 21st century." He also went on to say that the appearance organisers had brilliantly understood how to design a programme which would arouse and surprise the curiosity of the general public.

A total of 160 cultural and literary events will ensure that the Frankfurt Book Fair will be an exceptional showcase for the Catalan publishing industry and Catalan culture. The exhibition, "La Cultura Catalana, Singular i Universal" will be the centrepiece in the forum of the Frankfurt Book Fair which will also have the modern, dynamic area where Catalan is spoken and also eight centuries of Catalan language and literature as its topic, in addition to the Catalan book industry. The fair programme will also be accompanied by a multi-facetted cultural programme in the city with the participation of approximately 680 artists. The "schauspielfrankfurt", for example will not only be the venue for this year's opening gala. Theatre productions such as Tirant lo Blanc or A la Toscana can be seen there in October. Catalan music will also be discovered in the "Alte Oper", in the "Brotfabrik" or in the "Bockenheimer Depot" (with the "Sonar Nights" on eletronic music, gastronomy and other performances). As well as other venues, whereas the "Künstlerhaus Mousonturm" will be dedicated to Catalan dance and the "Deutsches Filmmuseum" will show Catalan films. The "Museum für Angewandte Kunst", the "Museum für Kommunikation", the "Deutsches Architektur Museum", or the "Frankfurter Kunstverein", as well as other venues, will offer the settings for exhibitions. The literary program will form an important point of emphasis. Famous Catalan authors such as Quim Monzó, Jaume Cabré, Maria Barbal, Baltasar Porcel, Carme Riera or Joan Francesc Mira, with a total of 130 colleagues will show a diverse picture of Catalan literature on the fair site, in the "Frankfurt Literaturhaus" and in the "Römer". A total of more than 60 literary events, discussions and readings are planned around the Frankfurt Book Fair.

"Our Catalonian literature can only develop if we are able to express potent thoughts in our own language.", says the statement of the Catalan writer Imma Monsó, who travelled to the press conference in Frankfurt to represent Catalan literature. "Voluntary, or involuntary contact with other cultures does not lead to impoverishment, so to speak, but multiplies the sources from which our writers draw their imagination."

The publishing industry in Catalonia, with approximately 150 publishing companies, a turn over of approximately 1.6 billion Euros and a share of approximately 28% plays a leading role in the total Spanish book market and forms an important supporting pillar for Catalan culture and the economy.

Juergen Boos announced that the Guest of Honour presentation at the Frankfurt Book Fair is also always designed to boost the international book industry's interest in a book market, to promote translation activities and to progress international business deals. It seems that this is a great success for the organisers of Catalan culture. 45 new publications of fiction and poetry from Catalonian authors in German translation will have been announced up to the Frankfurt Book Fair.

The Frankfurt Book Fair, with more than 7,000 exhibitors from over 100 countries, is the largest Book Fair in the world. It also organises the participation of German publishing companies in more than 25 international book fairs is also a co-founder of the Cape Town Book Fair in South Africa.

Speech of Juergen Boos, director of the Frankfurt Book Fair
Speech of Imma Monsó, writer

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